Ordo ab chao

(Originally written on the 24th of Jan 2011)

I heard.. I read.. I watched.. It’s everywhere… It’s in the air… It’s allover! It’s imposing its existence & presence! I can’t get it out of my head!!

What is it? Tunisian revolution and its chain reaction!

While watching n reading the news, blogs, and different view, I couldn’t help but feeling excited.. thrilled.. I was like… a child on Eid’s eve lighting his first fireworks explosives and watching with amazement. It was a mix of excitement, enthusiasm, sense of fairness, worry, anticipation, and most of all pride; being proud of my fellow arab tunisian brothers & sisters for standing their ground.

“Every tyranny must end!” we all know the saying; “لكل ظالم نهاية”. This was it for Ben Ali. The question occupied my mind; could this be the spark?? Will this set the example for all of us to follow? Will we – the oppressed people of the arab region – finally stand up for our rights? Is the day coming soon when we effectively participate in a positive change of the current corrupted system, a day when WE be “the driving force” of this change?! And the questions roared unanswered!

In the next day, Egyptian youth of the “6th of April” movement – backed up by multiple political forces – started a call for a “25th of January peaceful revolution againsy tyranny, opression, poverty, corruption, and humiliation”. The call for it was spreading like the “H1N1” fear last year! Facebook, Twitter, blogs, brochures, facebook groups, profile pictures,Facebook status…etc. Pride found its way to my head again! The call for “Freedom” is here, in my beloved homeland; Egypt. and the people of the nation – at least a growing number – is responding. Voices rising, thoughts voiced out, a public movement! At last!!

I thought to myself; “It’s going down! And I’ll be part of it, I’ll do everythg I can to help it take place!”. I started blogging and posting… commenting and sharing… talking to my friends, Taxi drivers, random strangers…etc. Started planning my “25th of January plan”, tuning myself to updates, deciding where I’m going to be at and whom I will be with.

In the midst of all that, it hit me! “Ordo ab chao” !I disregarded the idea, tried to shake it off, push it away, bury it 6 feet under… but it resisted! it even started growing and amplifying! “Ordo ab chao”

“Ordo ab chao”: Latin for “Order out of Chaos”. One of the fundementals of the New World Order final stages implementation.


The most commonly held misconception about chaos theory is that chaos theory is about disorder. Nothing could be further from the truth! Chaos theory is not about disorder! It does not disprove determinism or dictate that ordered systems are impossible; it does not invalidate experimental evidence or claim that modelling complex systems is useless. The “chaos” in chaos theory is order–not simply order, but the very ESSENCE of order.Which order??

The Global Order, the New Secular Order, the Novus Ordo Seclorum, The New World Order!


Put the masses in chaotic circumstances for long enough, and they will cry for help, swearing allegiance to the first good public speaker of “fairness”, “Equality”, “Liberation”, and “Order Restoration”, for as long as they curse the “Old Guards”.


Could this simply be a strategic substitution similar to one taking place in a football game in the last 3 mins of additional time?


Could it be that the true “Puppet Masters” of the global chess board are substituting their old players in a manner similar to “7’ail el 7okoma”; Shooting down old horses after a long life of service? Replacing them with others which masses will think of as their liberators, The heroes WE brought to power with our Freedom quest and revolution.


Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that everybody calling out for this “revolution” is bought, paid-for, or is a New Age Agent.. Definitely not! But what if somebody is using the  spontaneous agitated emotions n feelings in a way that serves their own interestes and agendas?


I still want to believe that this all was spontaneous and is nothing but the mere feeling of opression and unjustice residing inside the hearts and minds of the masses finally boiling up towards explosion… I still want to go out tomorrow and chant like there’s no tomorrow and lose my voice and more to my country and its freedom…  I want to see the light which we long hoped for to be at the end of the tunnel coming to life, coming close, turning into reality!


Nonetheless, I can’t disregard my bigger picture concerns and fears! I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place! Choosing between two evils!


Will I go out tomorrow? THAT I still don’t know!! I pray to Allah though to help me with the right decision and to save our people and our land from all the evils and dangers!   AMEN!!!!



24th of January

Mahmoud M Othman


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