Operation “Odessey Dawn”; Reality behind the Symbolism

On 19 March 2011 Operation “Odyssey Dawn” was approved under the UN resolution #1973.Let’s put aside the fact that of all numbers in the world, the military invention in Libya – call it no-fly zone, invasion…etc – came with the resolution #1973. The invasion of the heart of the middle east, through Egypt’s neighbor “Libya” has the same number to the year which marked Egypt’s Proud October war to restore Sinai from the Zionist enemy. It could be an innocent coincidence.. no big deal!Let’s put aside the fact that 20th of March – the day operation really started – marks the 8th anniversary for Iraq’s invasion by United States, Britain, Australia and Poland UN sanction… Another innocent coincidence… nothing major.

But, when military invasion of Libya is given code name “Odyssey Dawn”… Man, that’s a bit too much for me to overlook!!For those who are not familiar with “The Odyssey” or “The Iliad”, you can check the following link for a summary/over-view of the plot:



The Iliad tells the story of the conflict between King Agamemnon and warrior Achilles during the last weeks of the last year of the  10 year “Trojan wars” along with the siege and how the war was won through the “Trojan horse”. Later, comes “The Odyssey” to tells the story of “King Odysseus” quest on his journey back home after believed to be dead. he arrives home – disguised as a beggar – to find many suitors trying to take over his kingdom by marrying his faithful wife, Penelope. She has been stalling as much as possible hoping for his return. Odysseus wins a competition which Penelope organized to decide who will marry her. the competition involved using Odysseus’s bow to do a trick which only Odysseus could perform. All suitors failed except him, and he killed all suitors, then launched a war against their families to enforce his return and kingdom-ship. Odysseus arrives home after 10 years of the end of the Trojan War which lasted for 10 years.


  • 2011 : Operation “Odyssey Dawn” to invade the heart of the middle east under the cover of “Protecting civilians”!

10 Years prior to that in:

  • 2001: Declaration of “War on Terror” after the 9/11 bombings which changed the face of the world. “To protect World’s civilians against hideous terrorist attacks”!

10 years prior to that in:

  • 1991: The Gulf war emerged n was referred to by Saddam Hussein as “The mother of all battles” – to protect innocent Kuwaiti civilians against the Iraqi tyranny – It was referred to by Bush as “Desert Storm” and he used the phrase “New World Order” for the 1st time IN PUBLIC.

Now let’s try to do a simple chronological comparison:

1991: Gulf War starts to return North Kuwait back to Kuwait after Iraq invaded it under Saddam Hussein, sanctions were later imposed to punish Saddam/Iraq. Trojan war started to return Helen of Sparta back to her husband Menelaus and punish Trojans. During the next 10 years US built too many US military bases in the region to enforce its strategic long term “siege” of the region

2001: 9/11 bombings took place by the alleged “AlQaeda” which we heard of for the 1st time back then. “War on Terror” is launched shortly afterward. “Trojan horse” idea was Greeks killing some of their own people as if killed “by the plague” and building a big horse n filling it with men who will infiltrate the city of Troy n open gates to the armies.Whether the “Trojan horse” is “9/11 bombings” or “AlQaeda”… The US won a strategic battle of justifying their campaign to conquest the middle east with their “AlQaeda Trojan Horse” . Needless to say that “AlQaeda” was the literal translation to the code name “The Data Base” or “The Base” which was a CIA database that included the names of “Mujahedien” in Afghanistan and the trainings they received from the CIA to win the war against the Soviet Union. CIA created AlQaeda to use as a “scare crow” or more precisely “A Trojan Horse”.

2011: After 10 years of “The War on Terror” quest – 10 year quest of Odysseus finding his way back home – Operation “Odyssey Dawn” is initiated. Odysseus disguised as a beggar to be able to go into his palace in Ithaca. The US, Britain, NATO, and security council disguised as”Civilian Protectors against the tyranny” – seriously?! get a new excuse!! how lame!! – of the Qaddafi regime.Question now is – away from the symbolism – why is this happening simultaneously with Israeli raids on Gaza and Hamas responding by firing 49 rockets on Israel in ONE day the 19th of March 2011 – which will elevate the situation – and the Lord Resistance Army is attacking South Sudan with no resistance or protection from the UN?Another question is why did the whole International community move and lobby to protect South Sudan from North Sudan and funded and supported its resistance, while as it is standing still overlooking the attacks of the Ugandan LRA?? aren’t those the same people which the UN campaigned for their protection and independence against North Sudanese Muslim Oppression?

Crazy?.. maybe! Paranoid? probably… Conspiracy theorist?? favorite mainstream accusation!!!Nevertheless, there are too many coincidences here to be overlooked!I am seriously sincerely awaiting a structured logical reply explaining how exaggerated and fantastic this is. I don’t want to believe in what I wrote above, I want to believe in rainbows, rain deers, and life-as-we-know-it! Please help!

Mahmoud M Othman
21st of March 2011
6th of October, Egypt

P.S: This is the link to the original article https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/note.php?note_id=10150110871211784


2 thoughts on “Operation “Odessey Dawn”; Reality behind the Symbolism

  1. You are NOT “crazy” or “paranoid”…unfortunately you are correct. I believe WWIII was launched in 1991 in Iraq and Eastern Europe (when the USSR “collapsed”) and the expansion of NATO (both in size and aggression) is part of the “plan”. 9-11 was the mid-point “ceremony” / operation and “Odyssey Dawn” (the name gives it away) is the “wrapping” up operation of WWIII…it wont end well.

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