I Look Around (A translation to the arabic poem I posted earlier)

I look around to find ambiguity

I find the restrictions …I find coldness

But I also find resilience

Meanings have got lost or changed

fastened sights have deviated

males are not men anymore

and love for money invaded each soul

Our country is torn apart

And the masses of the people are dispersed

Hands are messing with my country

with an aim to “Zionise” the valley

I see a flock of sheep nomad

No participant nor contributor

And the wolf is not asleep

it’s lurking , waiting for the right moment

They told us when we were kids about a wise man who had sons

His death approached so he gathered them, to share a life-lesson

Gave the oldest a pack of rods to break up however he wants.

But the package joined together will never be broken apart


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