The Piercing Dart


An aching in the heart
Like a board pierced with a dart
Landing as a bull’s eye

The board wonders of the purpose
Yet, it gladly does the service
And bears the pain without a cry

The board gets hole after hole
But still, it does not complain
Hanging strong and not falling down
In its place it shall remain

But how many holes a board can take
Before it’s actually torn apart?
This board is strong
And can last long
The question now
Is if somehow
When this board breaks
You’ll do what it takes
To pick up its pieces
And glue its parts?


3 thoughts on “The Piercing Dart

    • In dart games, a bull’s eye is the center of the board; it’ s red and round, hence the name “Bull’s eye” it’s very difficult to throw a dart into it, therefore it has the highest score.

      In here the metaphor means “it hit where it really hurts”.

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